HTTV USA is a 24-hour digital wireless broadcasting television station located in Los Angeles. It was established in 2005, and officially established as HTTV USA in 2009. It broadcasts diversified Chinese TV Program. HTTV USA has the strongest playback signal and transmits power (1000kw) in Northern California by using KRCA 62.2, which has the strongest high-power transmission towers. There are only nine high-power transmission towers located in California, 4 of Chinese TV stations using them.

HTTV USA joined the KyLin TV in October of 2010. The KyLin TV is the Internet Based Television station in North America.
China TV Media Group (USA), Inc. formally had HTTV USA in April of 2012. Then, it upgrades all of the broadcasting equipments and purchases more equipment to increase the coverage of the TV station. In August 1st of 2012, HTTV USA successfully launches its Chinese TV program in “Dish Network” Chanel 9953. The collaborations with Cable “Champion” network Chanel 193, “Charming China”, and “ITV” are in the technical process of delivery. All of these channels obviously increase our TV station coverage area and expand the group of viewers accordingly.   
According to the data from the U.S. Census Bureau, California has the population of 37,253,956 people, including 4,843,014.28 from Asian which takes 13 percent of California population. HTTV USA provide 24 hours free wireless diversified Chinese TV program. It covers almost hundreds of cities in Los Angeles and Orange County including dozens of main Chinese gathering place. Nowadays, it has around 5,000,000 viewers; over 5o percent of American citizens are able to watch HTTV USA.

HTTV USA is setting up a full digital studio and production team that could produce its own program such as “American Life”, ”Home in LA”, and “Years of Hollywood”, etc. Meanwhile, it will also provide the latest and abundant programs to our viewers. With the new management team, HTTV USA will provide an effective communication channel for our customer, and the entrepreneur.

Program content: “News”, “Movies”, “Entertainment”, “Chinese Culture”, “Art”, Interview”, “Kid’s Program”, etc.

News”: local news, Chinese news, International and Taiwanese news, etc.
Movies”: High quality movies, TV series, documentary and best new films are introduced.
Entertainment”:  The various shows from China and Taiwan, e.g.”Asian Idol”
Chinese Culture”: Chinese History, Human Geography, and Chinese Culture, etc
Art”: Drama, Acrobatics, Dance, Music and Variety Show, etc
Interview”: Celebrities, Entrepreneurs, Artists and commercial activities, etc
Kid’s Programs”: “Journey to the West”, “Go Juvenile”, etc

In a word, HTTV USA will form a platform that provided the culture exchange, information exchange, and opportunity sharing between China and USA.  


Ultra High Frequency


KRCA Channel 62.2
7 days a week, 24 hours a day,audience area shown as below:



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